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It all started with a conversation in a small Café in Dresden, Germany...

​I have always been interested in cooking ever since I was a teenager. Born and raised in Beijing, China, I received a full scholarship to study in Germany while finishing up my sophomore year in Tsinghua University, China. During my three years of study in Dresden, Germany, my husband Nicholas and I had the opportunity to travel around Europe and this is when our passion in local ethnic food was developed. We traveled to many cities and each place we visited, we were amazed by the variety and quality of foods we encountered - from freshly made breads, to all natural sausages and tasty salads, sides. Although each city served similar food, each region of Europe put their own twist into their dishes. We left Europe in 2004, however this appreciation of the various freshly homemade foods and cultures stayed with us long after we arrived in Texas.

​We moved to San Antonio and very quickly fell in love with this cultural and history enriched city. I graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a mater degree in Accountancy and soon after became a Certified Public Accountant worked at one of the Big Four accounting firms in San Antonio.

​In 2012, Nicholas and I revisited Europe and once again, we were amazed by the rich aromas and subtle flavors of the locally crafted food. It was there in a Café in Dresden that we started the conversation about opening a restaurant that could bring to San Antonio many of our favorite foods from our visits in Europe. Our dream soon turned into a passion, and after careful planning, preparation and help from many others, our first adventure, Dresden Café on the way.

​At Dresden Café, our vision is to bring a little bit of the old-world's tastes and aromas with our own twist to our friends and family in Texas. We believe good quality and tasty food doesn't have to be complicated, doesn't need be served on porcelain plates. We know fresh and quality ingredients make all the differences. Our belief in "Natural makes it good" has never been stronger.

​We want to invite you and your family to stop by and have a link or two. Oh, don't forget our other home made specialties, they are delicious!!

We hope to see you soon at Dresden Café !

​Hope & Nicholas



MSG Free

Preservatives Free

Artificial Color Free

Artificial Flavor Free




Tuesday-Friday: 11am-7:30pm
Saturday: 11:30am-8:30pm
Sunday & Monday:  Closed

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